Zippy And George are puppets from the children's programme "Rainbow" from ITV. They appeared as contestants on The Weakest Link Puppet Special, and were in the seventh position.

During gameplay, Zippy gave all the answers to their questions. In their last two rounds, they were the worst players for both rounds in a row as they did not give a single correct answer to their questions and lost the team a lot of money by failing to say "Bank".

They were voted as the "Weakest Link" twice by Roly Mo and Nev, and also by Nobby, Jelly And Jackson and Soo only in the third round, while Zippy And George voted for Roland Rat in that round (though Zippy actually said "Nobby"), and were eliminated in Round 3.

In the second round, Anne zipped up Zippy so she could let George explain about their bad performance and why they voted for Otis as the Weakest Link when they were actually the worst players.