• Anne Robinson

    The Host Of The Weakest Link UK-Anne Robinson


  • Jelly And Jackson (From the BBC children's program The Story Makers)
  • The Leprechauns (From Live and Kicking)
  • Nev (From Smile and Bear Behaving Badly)
  • Nobby (From Gimme 5 and Ghost Train)
  • Otis (A Old Presenter Of CBBC)
  • Roland Rat (Former Presenter Of TV-AM (Now Good Morning Britain))
  • Roly Mo (From The Fimbles and The Roly Mo Show)
  • Soo (From The Sooty Show)
  • Zippy And George (From the ITV children's program Rainbow)


ROUND 1 2 3 4 5
PLACEPUPPET(?'s) Right(VOTE)(?'s) Right(VOTE)(?'s) Right(VOTE)(?'s) Right(VOTE)(?'s) Right
1ST Soo SL (2) (Leprechauns) SL (2) (Otis) (2) (Zippy And George) (2) (Nev) SL (3)
2ND Roland Rat (2) (Leprechauns) (2) (Otis) SL (3) (Soo) (2) (Nev) (3)
3RD Nobby (1) (Leprechauns) (2) (Otis) (1) (Zippy And George) (2) (Jelly And Jackson) (2)
4TH Jelly And Jackson (2) (Soo) (2) (Otis) (2) (Zippy And George) SL (2) (Nev) (3)
5TH Roly Mo (2) (Leprechauns) (2) (Zippy And George) (2) (Zippy And George) (2) (Nev) WL (2)
6TH Nev (2) (Leprechauns) (1) (Zippy And George) (2) (Zippy And George) WL (0) WLG
7TH Zippy And George (2) (Nobby) WL(0) (Otis) WL(0) WLG
8TH Otis (2) (Soo) (0) WLG
9TH The Leprechauns WL (1) WLG
ROUND 5 6 7 8 9 (Final)
PLACEPUPPET(VOTE)(?'s) Right(VOTE)(?'s) Right(VOTE)(?'s) Right(?'s) Right
1ST Soo (Nobby) SL (4) (Jelly And Jackson) SL (4) (Nobby) (2) WON (5)
2ND Roland Rat (Roly Mo) (3) (Jelly And Jackson) WL(3) (Nobby) SL (3) (4)
3RD Nobby (Jelly And Jackson) (2) (Jelly And Jackson) (3) WLG
4TH Jelly And Jackson (Roly Mo) WL(2) WLG
5TH Roly Mo WLG


  • Green: The Puppet WON and was the strongest link.
  • Blue: The Puppet was the Strongest Link of the round.
  • Orange: The Puppet was the Weakest Player of the round.
  • Red: The Puppet was Voted Off by the other and Anne said "You Are The Weakest Link Goodbye".

Video Edit

The Weakest Link Puppets Special 28th December

The Weakest Link Puppets Special 28th December